How to Handle Leaking Appliances

It’s happened to us all; we’ve woken in the middle of the night to a puddle of water in our kitchen from the dishwasher that was supposed to wash dishes overnight, but instead, went kaput. It’s hard to avoid! Accidents happen all the time, and unfortunately, appliances are no exception to this rule. But with a little help from The Steam Team, we can handle your leaking appliances.


Appliance Leak Cleanup


If you have an appliance that continually holds or filters water, it should be monitored regularly to check for leaking or malfunctioning. Even a slow, steady drip can turn into a major flooding problem if given enough time to develop. Fortunately, The Steam Team offers water damage restoration services to the following appliances: water heater, washing machine, AC unit, refrigerator or ice maker, and sink and dishwasher. Don’t stress; just pick up the phone instead!


Plumbing Overflow


Plumbing is no exception when it comes to taking care of water overflow! Too often, our toilets leak, our shower tub stops up, or the sink floods the bathroom! It’s disastrous! Luckily, again, The Steam Team is here to help. We’ll help repair and clean up damage from leaky, broken, burst, or frozen pipes. We’ll also take care of your drain, sink, toilet, or water heater! You can count on us to get the job done right the very first time.


Contact The Steam Team


The Steam Team has been at this for over a decade, friends! We’re not stopping anytime soon, so you might as well give us a call for all of your leaky appliance needs! We’ll inspect the situation, determine what to do, and get to work right away. You won’t need to worry about doing it yourself, dealing with the damage, or even dealing with mold- we’ll take care of everything for you.

If any of your appliances have gone kaput, don’t hesitate to give us a call! We’re available 24/7 for anything you may need to repair or cleanup. Just contact The Steam Team right away.