High Rise Cleaning in Austin, TX

Cleaning After A High Rise Fire In Austin Texas 

Cleaning After A High Rise Fire In Austin Texas 

This summer, it may be time to give your office building a deep cleaning, one that will last, one done by the professionals! The temperatures are rising in Austin and with them, your need for a professional cleaning to rid your office of dirt, dust, dander and grime. The Steam Team Area Rug Cleaning has been there for Austinites through thick and thin; we’ve really enjoyed watching the city grow, and meeting its demands. Now it’s your turn to experience just what our professional team can do for you. Serving Austin for over 36 years




We don’t use an ordinary duster on your blinds and draperies. We steam clean them! And oftentimes, we can do this without even removing them from where they hang, shortening the process for your convenience.


Tile Cleaning


Think about how often you’ve eaten lunch at your desk. It’s bound to have built up some grime by now. But with a few sweeps of our high powered steam cleaning equipment, we can remove dust, dirt, and nasty leftovers from the surfaces in your office, no problem. Best of all, a steam cleaner won’t leave behind any residue for you to clean up, as it’ll only utilize high pressurized water, and extreme heat. There are absolutely no chemicals involved! Our tile cleaning process has 8 steps. 


Carpet and Flooring


Sure, the cleaning crew does a lot for your carpet! But every now and then it could use a deep cleaning. Let us come and steam clean your flooring and you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. A steam cleaner reaches deep within the fibers of your carpet and extracts dirt, dust, dander, allergens, and so much more from your flooring. Your office will be spotless!


We love serving the city of Austin, and we’re not stopping anytime soon! So if your office is in need of a deep cleaning this summer, don’t hesitate to call in The Steam Team of Austin