How to Keep Your Hardwood Floors Looking Top-Notch Year Round

Hardwood floors look beautiful in our homes, as long as they’re kept clean and tidy! Wouldn't you agree? Yes, hardwood requires a bit of tender loving care, but what type of flooring doesn’t? Below, you’ll find 3 simple tips on keeping your hardwood floors looking top-notch- all year round! We hope you find them helpful!


Utilize Area Rugs


One way to protect your hardwood flooring is to utilize area rugs. Area rugs will protect your hardwood flooring from wear and tear caused by shoes! Just be sure to vacuum and pat them clean frequently, as they’ll be collecting the dirt, dust, debris, and sand that your shoes drag into the house. Yuck!


Take Your Shoes Off


Tip #2: Just take off your shoes! Do you have an old laundry hamper or basket? Place an empty basket near the entrance to your home, and designate it the shoe basket! It’s easy enough. If you remove your shoes at the door, there won’t be any scratches, skid marks, or dirt left on the flooring!


Call in the Professionals


Finally, sometimes you just need to break down and call in the professionals. It may be time for your hardwood flooring to be refinished! A good way to tell is if cleaning no longer restores it to its original condition. We can help with that, though! Give The Steam Team a call and we’ll come out and restore your floors to their pristine condition!

The Steam Team is available 24/7 for all of your needs concerning hardwood flooring, as well as any other type of flooring! If you want your hardwood flooring to look great all year round, you can rely on The Steam Team! We can restore and refinish your hardwood flooring and ultimately restore it to it’s clean and beautiful condition!

Your Way to a Healthier Home - Rug Cleaning

We all know how difficult it can be to stay healthy this time of year, when temperatures are lowering and our noses start to sniffle! How do you keep your home clean and free of germs this year? By steam cleaning, of course! We’ll point out five areas in the home that can be steam cleaned- and will help your family stay healthy and away from the sniffles!


Steam Cleaning in the Bathroom


The bathroom is the place that likely needs the majority of your attention, as it’s used by every family member in the house. The Steam Team will clean every nook and cranny until the space looks brand new (and healthy).


A Germ-Free Kitchen


That grimey kitchen comes next! In addition to killing germs and bacteria, a steam cleaning machine can lift tough stains, even stains that have been there for some time.


Thoroughly Cleaning Upholstered Furniture


Imagine little hands running over a snotty nose and… all over your living room furniture. Yuck! Talk about catching a cold! Luckily a steam cleaning machine can thoroughly clean upholstered and fabric furniture until it’s sparkling clean!


Carpet and Rug Cleaning


Our carpets and rugs carry germs and bacteria, too. Luckily, that’s our speciality. The Steam Team will use high pressurized water and intense heat to lift dirt, dust, bacteria, germs, dander, and more from deep within the fibers of your carpets!


Window Blinds and Ceiling Fans


Have a case of the sneezes? Maybe there’s too much dust clinging to your window blinds and ceiling fans. Fortunately for you, a professional steam cleaning company (like The Steam Team) can thoroughly clean these areas without removing anything. It’s easy peasy!


The Steam Team has been in business for over a decade now, working on a wide variety of cleaning and restoration jobs. We have plenty of expertise in hot water extraction, and genuinely enjoy what we do! Give us a call today to clean your way to a healthier home!

The Best Way to Treat Furniture

Furniture Cleaning 

Furniture Cleaning 


Now, we all know that nothing lasts forever, but we sure can try, can’t we? We can have a little hope that the brand new leather furniture set we just brought home can, well, last a lifetime. Leather is certainly known for its longevity, but also its easy care, and its comfort. So let’s talk about a few ways in which we can help leather last as long as we’d like for it to!


Properly Condition Leather


Condition leather furniture every six to twelve months. Definitely make sure you’re using the correct product, as leather is a sensitive material and not all pieces of furniture require the same cleaner or conditioner. There should be a tag on your furniture that informs you of what to use!


Clean with the Right Tools


In addition to your vacuum cleaner’s handy upholstery attachment, you’ll want to use a soft, dry cloth to clean your leather furniture. Avoid harsh tools like bristle brushes.


Blot Spills - Don’t Wipe Them


This is a lesser known fact! Wiping up a spill or stain may cause the moisture to spread, and we want to absorb it! So blot each spill carefully; you can try this on other materials like carpet and fabric, too.


Vacuum Nooks and Crannies


You can easily use an upholstery attachment to vacuum dust, dirt, and debris from the corners of your furniture. As for the surface of your furniture, use a damp, soft cloth to wipe off dirt and other everyday messes!


For all of your leather care and conditioning needs, The Steam Team is here for you. We’ve been serving the Austin community for over a decade, and we love it! If your leather upholstered furniture needs a good deep cleaning or a thorough conditioning, you know who to call!