Steam Cleaning and Drying: We Cover the Basics

One of the questions we get asked most often is about drying time after steam cleaning. Since it’s more than a one-sentence answer, we figured we’d address some of those drying concerns you might have.


So, first and foremost; how does steam cleaning work?

Using only heat and water to thoroughly clean and sanitize a variety of surfaces, steam cleaning has become a popular, environmentally-friendly cleaning method. A floor wand shoots pressurized water onto the surface which is then immediately vacuumed into a holding tank. The high temperature of the water is what cleans and sanitizes at the same time. Also, by using only water, no additional chemicals are required to achieve a thorough and effective cleaning.


Now, let’s get to the drying part- after steam cleaning. Let’s say you steam clean your carpet floors, how does it dry? And how long does it take to dry?


Here’s the kicker: our answer only pertains to professional services as any machine you can rent or buy is going to work differently than the equipment we use. So, if done right, steam cleaning should not require the additional use of drying equipment. As a professional steam cleaner, we have a truck-mounted system (which is the preferable choice as it leads to shorter drying times). With a truck-mounted system, it is able to use higher pressure and suction leaving behind minimal humidity and moisture in your home surfaces or flooring. We caution homeowners against most at-home steam cleaners on the market just because it’s difficult to know what is left behind.

The Steam Team has a team of highly trained and equipped technicians who are knowledgeable in a variety of cleaning and restoration services. Contact us today to discuss your next steam cleaning project, we’re excited to work with you!