3 Ways to Clean Your Drapes

When was the last time you cleaned your rugs? We know, it’s easy to forget about them, and even more easy to put it off! But the fact of the matter is that they, like anything in our home, need to be cleaned periodically. Luckily, The Steam Team can help you out here (as always)! Let’s take a look at what a decent cleaning routine looks like when it comes to cleaning your rugs 


It all starts with dusting. You’ve likely already noticed that our rugs tend to become mighty dusty. It may seem like they’re hoarding dust! So every now and then, be sure to dust your drapes by removing them shaking them outside, or by using a vacuum cleaner attachment! 


If your rugs can be washed in our rug cleaning plant located at 9901 Burnet Road in Austin. We also recommend doing this! It’s easy enough, although you may end up having to clean them twice depending on how soiled the textile is. Check for a care label on your rugs to find out whether or not they can be cleaned. If they are, all the power to you! Get to washing! 

Steam Cleaning

Have you ever considered steam cleaning your rugs? It’s a simple method of cleaning that uses nothing but hot water and highly pressurized steam to lift dirt, dust, and debris from a variety of surfaces and materials. Oftentimes, your drapes can be steam cleaned from right where they hang; we don’t even have to remove them! 

The Steam Team has been servicing the city of Austin, TX for over a decade now. Folks, we don’t plan to stop anytime soon. So whether your drapes need cleaning, or your tile and ground needs a thorough deep cleaning, we’re here for you through a variety of situations! So don’t hesitate; give us a call today!