5 Tips for Removing the Toughest Stains from your area rugs

rug cleaning by the steam team of austin

rug cleaning by the steam team of austin

Some stains are harder than others to remove- and that’s okay! Because today we have five great tips for removing stains from your upholstered furniture, carpet, or anywhere else you might’ve spilled that glass of wine! So stay tuned- because these are tips from the professionals! Area rug cleaning specialists. 


Act Quickly!


As always, catch a spill as soon as it happens! This does wonders when it comes to removing the stain. The longer the spill sits on your carpet or upholstery, the more permanent it becomes. Voted best area rug cleaning company in Austin, Texas. 


Work from the Outside In


Always work from the edges of the affected area to prevent the stain from spreading! It’s important here to remember to blot the stain, instead of scrubbing it. Scrubbing the stain not only unravels your carpet fibers (which can’t be undone) but it also pushes the stain further into the carpet. You definitely don’t want that! For the cleanest area rugs call Austin's favorite cleaning company today. 


Dry Stains with a Flat, Heavy Object


For wet stains like pet urine or coffee, grab a stack of paper towels, and a heavy object like a large book. Set the book onto the paper towels and let the towels absorb the stain. Change the towels out as needed. Our rug cleaning plant is located at 9901 Burnet Rd. Austin, Tx 78758


Patience is a Virtue


Remain patient. It may take a few tries to thoroughly remove a stain. If you’re having difficulty or the stain has already dried, consider steam cleaning the area! You can do this with a rented machine, or you can call in the professionals to help you out. We will come pick up your rugs anywhere in Austin, Texas. We can even drop off your newly cleaned rug at your home when we are finished cleaning. 


Rinse the Area When Finished


Lastly, you’ll want to rinse the affected area once you’ve successfully removed the stain. There’s a lot of cleaner that went into that process, and you’ll need to wash it out! Use cool water and a clean towel to absorb the moisture.

We hope these tips help you in the future, or now if you’re dealing with a tough stain! And remember- The Steam Team is always standing by, ready to lend you a hand!