Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning In Austin

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer Vent Cleaning

It may be easy and all too convenient to forget about, but neglecting your dryer vents can have a dangerous impact on the health of you and your family! Neglecting them can turn into a fire hazard. And while it’s less concerning, it’s still important: not cleaning out dryer vents can cause your laundry to take much longer to dry, which costs you more money in the long run. Ultimately, there are several reasons as to why we should have a professional take a look at our dryer vents. Below we’ll discuss the consequences of ignoring your dryer vents, as well as what The Steam Team has to offer! Voted best Austin dryer vent cleaning company for both homes and commercial. 


A Less Efficient Dryer


Lint and debris buildup in your dryer can cause the machine to work far less efficiently, which tends to spark a rise in your electricity bill and lead to other (possibly flammable) issues. To keep your dryer working efficiently and up to par, be sure those lint traps are as clean as a whistle! Laundry is a mundane chore already- don’t make matters worse for yourself! Visit our office today located at 9901 Burnet Rd. Austin, Texas 78758 in Austin, Tx.


Excessive Lint Buildup


Lint tends to build up very gradually; you may not notice it’s happening. And after a certain point, cleaning out the lint collector on your dryer isn’t enough- and a more extreme measure needs to be taken, as blockage can become a fire hazard.


How Can The Steam Team Help?


Sometimes you just need to call in the professionals. As we mentioned before, keeping the lint traps clean isn’t always enough, and handling a meticulous cleaning project on your own can be dangerous. When the time comes, put your trust in The Steam Team; with our 35+ years of experience and state of the art dryer equipment, you can rest assured that you’re situation is in the best of hands! Contact us today for all you dryer vent cleaning needs in the Austin, Texas area.