Ready for A New Look on Your Patio? Ready for A New Look on Your Patio?

Tile Cleaning

Tile Cleaning

Aside from the original grey, dull color of concrete - over time, stains occur along with fading and before you know it; you’re less-than-impressed with your patio flooring. But, don’t panic because you don’t have to dish out your savings or look at that concrete forever… there is another solution.

Concrete Staining

Applying stain to anything (whether it be flooring, furniture, or something else) is a multiple-step process.


First, the concrete must be thoroughly cleaned. Without first cleaning the area that’s going to be stained, the stain won’t apply as well to the surface. This can be tricky without the proper equipment - that’s where the professionals come in.

Bringing in the Professionals

Professionals have access to the best equipment that’s going to have the most power (and give the best tile cleaning) - what more reason do you need to bring in someone with such experience and knowledge?


When the concrete is stained with correct application, it can be the greatest investment you’ve made for your patio. Here at The Steam Team, we follow an important application process to ensure the best appearance and longevity.

How to Choose a Concrete Stain Color

There are many different choices when it comes to stain color - especially because color adheres well to the gray shade of concrete.


The best way to choose a concrete stain color is to envision the perfect outdoor space and consult with a professional. The professionals will know how the color will look on your patio and can help you apply it correctly.

Are you ready for a new look on your patio? Don’t hesitate to reach out to The Steam Team about our services!