Can You Avoid Basement Flooding?

Water Removal and Drying 

Water Removal and Drying 

Water damage can occur for a number of different reasons - from natural disasters to broken appliances. Unfortunately, basements are the most endangered area in the house when it comes to flooding. Although basements aren’t extremely common here in Texas, for those of you who do have them - you’re in for a treat today!


So, you’re probably curious now; is there a way to avoid flooding the basement in the event of water damage? And, while it may not be entirely fool-proof, there are certainly ways you can prevent this kind of damage from affecting your basement.


It’s in your best interest to have a professional come out to your house and check the following:

  1. Secure Windows

If you live in an older home with its original windows, there’s a likely chance that there could be areas around your windows that need to be secured. With storms, unsecured windows are an easy way for water to leak into the basement.

  1. Check the Foundation

As with the windows, cracks in the foundation are among one of the top reasons basements suffer from flooding. There are easy ways to temporarily seal cracks in your foundation, but if you’re looking at a more serious foundation issue - it’s definitely time to call a professional.

  1. Maintain Gutters

Last, but certainly not least, keeping any debris or other gunk out of your gutters is extremely important to maintain water flow away from your home.

Unfortunately, water damage can lead to other, more dangerous, damages if left unattended for any period of time. Further, the basement is often one of the most neglected areas in the home - leaving a lot of room for error, and - you guessed it - damage. If you haven’t had your basement inspected for current water damage, recently, now may be the perfect time to do so. And, don’t forget to look at your windows, foundation, and gutters while you’re at it!