Odor Removal After Fire Damage

Fire Damage Georgetown, TX

Fire Damage Georgetown, TX

We hope you’ve never had to experience fire damage, but if you have - there’s one thing you can agree with us on; the odor that lingers is no joke! Of course there are several factors that play into the severity of the smoke odor, like the size of the fire, the length of time your home is exposed, the materials that were affected, etc. But regardless of the severity of the odor - one thing is for sure, we all want to know how to get rid of it.


First thing’s first; the best way to begin tackling your fire damage restoration is to hire a professional restoration company (but you probably already knew that). The professionals will know exactly how to handle each situation - no matter the factors. Odor removal is already a part of the entire ‘cleanup’ process, but depending on the materials that have burned, The Steam Team will take different approaches to properly and effectively tackle the worst of odors.

How Smoke and Soot Are Removed

Removing odor from fire damage begins with eliminating the source of the odor, which stems from the smoke and soot left around the home. A professional restoration company will use an industrial-grade vacuum that has high powered suction to pull any oily soot off of your flooring, other surfaces, and materials. This step is vital before beginning to rid of any odor around the home - because if soot is left, that odor will come back.

So, what is the easiest way to remove that lingering odor after a fire? Trying to do-it-yourself may feel overwhelming and seem tiresome. Don’t put that stress on yourself - hire the professionals to do it and  you can guarantee your home will be taken care of.