Prepping Your Home Before Painting And Cleaning

Cleaning Austin, TX

Cleaning Austin, TX

Painting looks easy, but anyone who has thought they’d paint their bedroom a new color over the weekend knows that it’s actually way more time-consuming. Whether you’re paying someone to do the job, or attempting a DIY project yourself, there are a few things to keep in mind before you begin painting and cleaning your home interior.


  • Remove furniture. Don’t just nudge the sofa over a couple of feet and think you’ll squeeze behind it to reach the wall. If you have the space, relocate furniture to another room. Otherwise group it in the center of the room, and cover it with a plastic sheet for extra protection against spatters or spills. If you’re hiring a painting company, plan beforehand where you want to tell them to move each piece.  

  • Protect your flooring with plastic sheeting or a drop cloth. Plastic sheeting is cheaper, but if you go that route, watch out for tears, and be careful that you don’t accidentally slip on it. Professional painters will likely use a heavy canvas drop cloth.

  • Clear—and clean—wall surfaces. Remove any wall hangings, outlet covers, and switch plates. Clean the wall with a damp cloth and a mild cleaner to remove any smudges or debris, and allow time to dry. Don’t forget about dusty corners!    

  • Tape around moldings, baseboards, and windowsills with professional painter’s tape. This part is probably just as time-consuming—if not more—than the actual painting. You want to do it right, because it will save you a lot of heartache later. Nothing screams amateur more than accidental smears of paint on unintended surfaces.    

  • Make sure you’ve gathered all the right supplies. Check online or with your local hardware store for a list of everything you need before you get started, to minimize last-minute store runs.