Rug Cleaning in Austin | Can You Protect Your Rug from Stains?

Rug Cleaning In Austin, TX

Rug Cleaning In Austin, TX

Carpet, unlike tile, hardwood, or laminate flooring, is more susceptible to staining. This is even more true if your household has children or pets! So you may be wondering if there’s anything you can do to further protect your flooring; how do you know if you should take the extra step?


Below, we’ve listed a few things to keep in mind:


Know When to Apply a Carpet Protector


Brand-new carpets come with a protector already applied to the fibers, so there shouldn’t be any need for an additional protector until the carpet has taken on more wear and tear (at least a few years).


If your carpet is no longer new, you may want to consider applying carpet protector. You can hire a company to apply it for you, or take the DIY approach (if you do, be sure to avoid water-based protectors, such as Scotchguard, on polyester fibers, which are made of plastic-based synthetic polymers).


Keep Up With the Warranty


Before applying any product to your carpet, take a glance at its warranty. There’s an unfortunate chance that you may unintentionally void its protection; it’s always best to be safe than sorry!


Some types of carpet might not even need additional protection. Check with the carpet’s manufacturer for details.


Soften the Impact of Foot Traffic


Here’s an easy one! Develop the habit of removing your shoes at the front door. They can be stored by the entry way, or in a mudroom. Have slippers available to change into. If such an arrangement isn’t efficient for you, try placing a mat by entryways! This will help to keep a considerable amount of dirt from landing on your carpet!


And above all- don’t forget! The Steam Team is always standing by with the right professional equipment (and expertise!) needed to transform your carpet back into its original state. For all cleaning in Round Rock call The Steam Team today!