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Rug Washing 

Rug Washing 

Trying to Hide a Stain?

By Amy Renken

Have a stain in your carpet that’s causing a big eye-sore? Expecting company tonight? Do you need to cover it up before the cleaning company arrives? No worries – we’ve got a couple tricks up our sleeve for you!

The easiest solution would be to move a couple pieces of furniture around. If you have an ottoman, that’s the simplest way to cover the stain, assuming it is in a convenient spot. Otherwise, you can move your other furniture (couch, coffee table, ottoman, end tables, etc.) around in different positions until you can find one that you like that will also cover the stain! Sometimes this works out really nicely, too – you may find a different feng shui for your living room!

Have an extra area rug laying around? Another easy solution! Pull the area rug over the stain for the time being – remember, it won’t be there forever, it doesn’t need to look perfect! If you don’t have an extra area rug, it wouldn’t hurt to pull one from another area for a little bit.

We’ll probably surprise you with this one! Believe it or not, sometimes adjusting the lighting in the room where the stain lies is the best way to hide it! It depends on what type of area that it is in of course, but if you can try to dimly light the room, you would be surprised at how hard it is to see those pesky stains.

If you’re looking for some extra tips to clean these stains out of your carpet, stay tuned! We’re always passing along some helpful cleaning tips. As always, don’t hesitate to call us if you need your carpet or furniture steam cleaned! 1-800-880-7785

You can also find more about steam cleaning on our blog if you are in need of some extra information regarding safety and other tips!