From the moment you walked in your house, you knew that it would be different. After signing the lease or the mortgage you decided that this house? It was going to be like all of the other houses. You weren’t going to let pets on the couch. Kids weren’t going to draw on the walls. Stains weren’t going to happen. You were going to keep it clean. Beautiful. Perfect.

And then? Well. And then life happened. One day someone let the dog on the couch and now you’re fighting your furry friends for the best seat in the house The second you looked away the kids scribbled on the wall. And the floor. And the counter. And now the clean, perfect house isn’t exactly as clean as you had hoped.

Luckily Steam Team has the answer for getting rid of those stains that were never supposed to happen. For those times when your grandmother’s vinegar and baking soda trick doesn’t work, or you discover a mark that might have been there before you born, we have you covered.

Stop trying to guess if pouring harmful chemicals on your carpet will work. Stop moving the armchair over that one stain and your coffee table over the other one. And stop apologizing to people about the state of your floor. It’s time to get your home back. It’s time to get your carpet back.

Our skilled professionals have seen it all – from pet accidents to cooking accidents, dirt and grime to the stuff you can’t even place, we’ve not only seen it, but we’ve gotten rid of it. Our advanced stain removal technology allows us to turn that shabby rug into your very own walk of fame in a way that’s not only safe, but works.

Thanks to our years of dedicated service and our satisfaction guarantee, we’re here to get rid of those stains and make your house YOURS again.