Steam Team vs. The Other Guys

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The world’s most intelligent cleaning crew.

Take a moment to visualize the average cleaning technician in your head. Not the prettiest picture, right? Stereotypes exist for a reason but we are here to break the mold. How? Well, we place more importance on finding wonderful people than wonderful cleaners because cleaning techniques can be taught (we have a pretty intensive training program) but great customer service and people skills don’t come quite as easily. That’s why we have a rigorous hiring process and look for guys with big ambitions, and an honest, hardworking attitude. The few that make the cut are the cream of the crop.

Steam Team technicians are smart.

With great power comes great responsibility.

How do you hold on to such smart (and might I say good looking) guys? Great question. We pay them very well. In fact, our employees make more then the industry average and they deserve it. With that pay comes responsibility though and we expect a lot from our guys. They know they can’t show up looking and acting like the guy living in your gutter. We are cleaning and restoration people who are educated, intelligent, well-mannered human beings and we expect our technicians to be of the same caliber. You should too.

Steam Team are clean-cut professionals.

We give EXACT-imates not just estimates!

Our pricing makes life easier. Some cleaning companies are as bad as airlines when it comes to hiding fees and disguising costs (carry on fees, are you kidding?).  We  provide our clients with honest and affordable up front prices, and don't believe in upselling or the bait and switch tactic commonly used by other carpet cleaners! Our prices are all inclusive and make it easy to know exactly what you are going to pay when we arrive! 

Steam Team are wallet friendly.

Don’t make promises unless you can back it up.

Almost all cleaning companies promise that their service is the best & their guys are great. Well, if you’re so high and mighty, where is the guarantee? What, you don’t have a guarantee?  That’s sad. At the Steam Team, we guarantee out  carpet cleaning or your money back Our carpet cleaning services are unconditionally guaranteed. If at any time you are not completely satisfied, we will do whatever it takes to rectify the problem. The Steam Team is sincerely committed to your total satisfaction. All carpet and tile cleaning jobs come with a 7-day written guarantee. We'll gladly return to re-clean any spots or stains should they reappear.

Steam Team carpet cleaning is guaranteed.

It’s like we already know each other.

We were always told never to talk to strangers. They are creepy. We don’t want you to open your home to strangers anymore than you do so we do our best to introduce our movers beforehand. Heck, we are so proud of our guys; we can’t help but show them off. Before each cleaning we will get you the names of your cleaners. You can then visit our Meet Your Cleaner page on our website, find your technicians and read a short bio on them as well as see a picture of their smiling faces. Say hello to your new best friends.

Steam Team are friends.