Why Does Carpet Shrink?

It may come as a surprise- but it’s a serious one!  Did you know that carpet can actually shrink during cleaning? There is one very important reason as to why this can happen, and we’re here to tell you about it so that you can prevent carpet shrinkage from happening to your carpet. After all- what’s the point in having beautiful carpet if it’s not going to fit the room as it once did before? We hope the information provided below is helpful, and remember, you can always call The Steam Team if you need help with your carpet!


Why Does Carpet Shrink?


Unfortunately, carpet tends to shrink due to poor cleaning. This could mean that the company doing the cleaning is using underpowered tools, or bad practices in general- like using too much cleaner, or not enough! Poor cleaning jobs can harm the backing of your carpet, and that’s what causes it to shrink.


How Can Carpet Shrinkage be Avoided?


Don’t be weary of carpet shrinkage to the point where your carpet is never cleaned! The only thing you need to worry about is going with the right carpet cleaning company- and that’s where we, The Steam Team, come in to save the day!


Call The Steam Team

In order to prevent your carpet from shrinking, you need a solid, reliable steam cleaning company to come out and clean for you. The Steam Team has years of experience under their belt! When it comes to carpet, we’re experts; our industrial strength equipment will not harm your carpet, and will easily and effectively extract dirt and debris from deep within the fibers of your carpet! So if your carpet needs a cleaning but you’re worried about shrinkage- just give The Steam Team a call!