Carpet and rug Cleaning in barton creek 

Carpet and rug Cleaning in barton creek 

You finally did it. After months (or years... we’re not here to judge), you decided to get a professional carpet clean. Maybe it was because of a stain that just won’t go away no matter how many times you scrub, or possibly it’s because the cute new pet is finally house broken... but not until after “marking,” the entire house.

Whatever it is that led you to professional steam cleaning, once you’ve taken that plunge, you’ll want to make sure the results will last. And one of the most common questions is whether or not those tough-to-remove stains will actually, well, be removed.

Here are a few key factors to reference when determining whether or not the stain will return after a cleaning:

What Type Of Stain Is It?

Is it sticky? Is it much darker than the floor? What have you used to try to remove it? Some stains are more “stubborn,” than others. Determining what type of stain you’re dealing with will discern whether or not it can be removed- forever!

We’ll do everything we can to restore your floor to its once-beautiful state!

How Long Has It Been There?

Another factor to consider is how long the stain has been caught in your carpet. Is it fresh or is it a couple of years old? Depending on how embedded the stain is into the carpet fibers, it may be more difficult to remove.

General Carpet Maintenance

When we say you should have a deep cleaning at least a few times a year, we mean it. Taking good care of your carpet and keeping up with maintenance and cleaning will make removing stains, odors, and other unknown icky substances much easier in the long run!

So when it comes time to get your scheduled deep clean, don’t delay! And if you’ve been dragging your feet, just remember – routine deep cleaning and treatments will make your carpet’s life and beauty live on much, much longer!