Polished Marble

Marble tile is a natural material that is millions of years old. Marble is used to produce magnificent tile floors, kitchen countertops, marble bathroom vanities, tile floors, marble wall tile and even columns. It is very important to use products specifically designed to clean marble such as: marble cleaners, marble sealers and marble polish.

The Steam Team has a complete line of products for marble floor tile, marble countertops and even marble vanities and shower walls. Marble is a material that is formed when limestone, softened from heat and pressure, is recrystallized into a solid where mineral changes occurred.The main consistency of marble is calcium and dolomite, and marble ranges in many colors and is usually heavily veined. It is also usually sensitive to the wrong cleaning products.

Properties of Natural Marble

Marble is known as a calcium carbonate stone, and has been a metamorphic rock, marble reacts to acids and give a high gloss appearance. Is acid sensitive and scratches easily; most Marble stone have veins, swirls and bands. For cleaning and restoration purposes, the most suitable method should be chosen according to the level of wear. It entails of removing the dirt, erasing stains and restoring the worn protective layer. If you would like to learn about other hard surfaces like tile and grout cleaning click here. We were also voted the best carpet and rug cleaner in Austin