Oriental Rugs and Their Maintenance

Oriental rugs create an atmosphere like no other: one of elegance, beauty, and heritage. They’re often family heirlooms that look beautiful displayed in our living rooms. So how do we preserve these gorgeous decorative rugs? Well, below you’ll find five great tips for caring for and maintaining these priceless pieces!


Shield From Sunlight


Sunlight is notorious for causing discoloration and fading in our rugs. Try to keep your rugs out of direct sunlight by using curtains and light-cancelling shades. But if this is absolutely impossible, just rotate your rugs on the regular. We’re getting to that part soon!


Rotate Regularly


If you want to help maintain your rugs’ value, rotate them often. Some experts say that rugs should be rotated once every two years, but if your rugs experience a lot of foot traffic, you might want to rotate them far more frequently (once every two months!).


Use Carpet Padding


Carpet padding protects the backing of your precious rug, and also holds it in place, keeping it from stretching and making it safer to walk upon! There are too many benefits to carpet padding to not utilize it!


Vacuum and Dust


All rugs need to be vacuumed, but especially oriental rugs. Doing so will help keep the carpet fibers from becoming matted down, keeping the rug looking brand new! And of course, vacuuming removes dust, dirt, dander, and debris that we definitely don’t want in our carpet.


Professional Cleaning


Sometimes it’s best to let the professionals step in! Having your oriental rug professionally cleaned will certainly help prolong its lifespan. This will also help your rug to keep its quality and feel more comfortable with step you take!


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