An unexpected fire at your place of business is a massive disruption, personally and professionally. Your business will have to temporarily close down, which will impact not only you but the lives of your employees. You will need to act fast to minimize time lost for everyone involved. Safety is critical, though, so you will need to reach out to organizations who know how to respond in such a crisis. We specialize in fire damage in Sunset Valley and all of Central Texas.

First, contact your insurance company immediately to discuss how they want to handle the next steps. After speaking with them, you will need to contact a restoration company to help you assess the damage ASAP and move quickly on your behalf. Do not attempt entry or cleanup on your own—there is danger that the ceilings and floors might cave in, and the soot and water used to put out the fire contain contaminants that are potentially dangerous to breathe in or accidentally ingest. The restoration company’s professional team can begin to evaluate the damage as soon as the fire department declares the area safe for entry. The collateral damage by the heat, smoke, and water will be as shocking as the fire damage itself, and the firefighters will have shattered windows and cut holes in the ceilings and roof for ventilation and in the walls to check for flames.The team will run tests to check for structural damage and determine the safety and integrity of the building before proceeding with restoration.

The key to minimizing damage in the event of a fire is speed. We offer restoration services 24/7 within 24–48 hours of a fire. Call the emergency line at 800-880-7785 and we will send out a restoration professional to assess the extent of the damage and provide you with an estimate of costs. For fire and smoke damage in Central Texas call The Steam Team today.