When fire damages our property, it leaves behind a trail of smoke, soot, and ash that can permanently destroy our furniture and possessions. Our first instinct is to rush to the scene to assess the damage. However. It’s important to take things slowly:  start by making a couple of phone calls, not just to your insurance company, but also to your local cleaning and restoration company. Fire and smoke damage should always be handled by the professionals, and safety must remain the top priority!

After the calls have been made, you can begin the cleanup process; just be sure to follow these few safety guidelines!

Wear a Safety Mask

First things first. Do not enter the scene without wearing a dust respirator mask! These masks will protect your lungs from the harmful contaminants which linger in the air after a fire.

Ventilate the Area

Proper ventilation is so important. Once you enter the property, increase airflow by opening up every single window. It’s also a good idea to place box fans all around the area to force out contaminated air and dust. Try to leave these fans running constantly.

Use Proper Equipment

If possible, use a high-efficiency vacuum cleaner with a High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter to vacuum upholstered furniture, carpet, and drapes. Have several filters on hand so that you can change them once they’re dirty. A dry cleaning soot sponge helps to remove loose soot (these can be found at hardware stores, or online).

Calling in the Professionals

Smoke damage is always best handled by the professionals. A professional steam cleaning company, like The Steam Team, will have the correct equipment to thoroughly clean your furniture, as well as your carpets, surfaces, and window treatments- the whole package! With professional-grade equipment and infallible knowhow, The Steam Team will restore your home to its previous condition!