Fire and Water Damage San Marcos

Fires are devastating all around, but the cleanup process doesn’t have to be! That’s the one thing we do have control over. So if your home has been affected by smoke and fire damage, don’t fret; The Steam Team has your back! We’ll come in, help you with the cleanup process, and in due time, your home will be right back the way it used to be! But until we get there, what should you do? Let’s look at the very first steps you should take after your home’s been affected by a fire: Water Damage San Marcos


Wear the Proper Safety Equipment


It’s always better to be safe rather than sorry! Don’t forget to wear a safety mask that will protect you from harmful materials like dust, dirt, ash, and smoke. If you feel the need, wear a safety helmet- but we’re hoping that not much damage has occurred!


Call Your Insurance Company


You’ll need estimates and an inspection from your insurance company, so it’s best to call them out to your property.


Properly Ventilate the Area


Open up those windows! Let the air flow through your home. You can also set box fans around the area to help push contaminated air outward. Hopefully the weather is on your side!


Call The Steam Team


Finally, call a professional cleaning and restoration company to help begin the cleanup process. The Steam Team is your best bet if you live in the Austin area, and we’re available 24/7- because you never know when an emergency is going to find you!


The Steam Team is your leading cleaning and restoration company in Austin, TX. You can trust that with us, your home is in the best of hands. Our team of trained professionals is constantly standing by, waiting to help you. So just give us a call whenever the need arises!