Round Rock, Texas Tile Cleaning

If your tile is white, or beige, or any color, really- it’s difficult to keep clean. Here at The Steam Team of Round Rock, Texas, we’re well aware of this fact, and equally as willing to help you. But first, let’s discuss some things you can do on your own, and then we’ll dive into how the professionals can aid in the cleaning process.


Sweep and Dry-Dust Frequently


There’s no avoiding it, people! But we know that we don’t have to remind you. Sweeping and dry dusting is where it all begins; it’s how you keep your floors from gathering too much grime and dirt. It’s how you keep everything under control. If you need tile cleaning in Round Rock, Tx call us today at 512-451-8326.


Use a regular broom, or a broom with a duster as an attachment- this way, the dust clings to the attachment, and doesn’t get swept back up into the air! Isn’t it best to permanently remove dust from your flooring?


Use a Wet Mop on the Regular


Every now and then, your tile will need some good ‘ol hot water and soap (or your favorite commercial cleaner, like Fabuloso, or Pine Sol). Mop the flooring working from the inside of the room out, so that you can end the process without stepping on freshly clean (and wet) tile. Don’t worry about grout at this point- that’s a whole different process which involves tons of scrubbing… or calling in a professional steam cleaning company in Round Rock, Texas.


Spot Mop for Spills and Accidents


This is a biggie! When spills and accidents occur, try to get to them immediately so that they don’t stain. Spot mopping will prolong the actual mopping process; you’ll thank yourself in the long run.


Call in the Professionals… Especially for Grout!

As we mentioned before, it’s best to call a professional cleaning and restoration company for grout cleaning. Grout’s porous nature is no match for a professional-grade steam cleaning machine, its hot water, and high water pressure. So gear up and get ready to make that phone call to The Steam Team Of Round Rock!