Expert Carpet Cleaning in the Central Texas and Austin Area. Niederwald carpet cleaning in Austin Texas.

The Steam Team ( A Division of TST Restoration ) has been proudly serving the Austin and Central Texas area as part of the The Steam Team companies since 1983. We provide professional steam carpet cleaning services and a full range of residential and commercial cleaning and restoration services, including hard surface floor cleaning, fabric and upholstery cleaning, air duct cleaning and restoration and construction. We use the latest methods, including quick-dry steam carpet cleaning and state-of-the-art cleaning and drying equipment to provide you with a clean, healthy, and comfortable home or office that is Steam Team Clean. Because the next best thing to new is The Steam Team Clean!

The Steam Team Professional Cleaning Services in Niederwald, Tx

Carpet Cleaning
Wood Floor Cleaning
Tile & Grout Cleaning
Stone Cleaning & Polishing
Fabrics & Upholstery Cleaning
Concrete Staining & Polishing
Air Duct Cleaning
Commercial Cleaning

The Steam Team Contents Cleaning & Textiles

The Steam Team's  family member company, TST Restoration, takes pride in offering a state-of-the-art facility, where we gently, yet thoroughly clean area rugs and contents. Our technicians are IICRC Certified Technicians, who treat your rugs and contents with special attention. We will inspect your property, determine the best cleaning method, and provide a estimate before we begin work using our 10-Step Cleaning Process. Call us today at 512-451-8326 to find out about all of our cleaning services and specials!

There are many benefits to steam cleaning that outweigh those of other cleaning methods! For instance, steam cleaning provides a thorough, spotless clean without the use of chemicals. It’s entirely safe for the environment, and won’t leave any trace or residue behind. It’s an efficient method that works phenomenally around the house- but also in the office! So if it’s been awhile since your office has been professionally cleaned, don’t hesitate to call in The Steam Team! We’re always standing by, waiting to help out!

Dusty Draperies

It’s not often we think about dusting (compared to other chores), and even less frequently do we think about cleaning the drapes! But the truth is that dust clings to our drapes, possibly irritating our allergies and decreasing air quality. Using a handheld attachment, a professional steam cleaning company will thoroughly remove dust from your drapes.

Grimy Grout

Your cleaning crew likely takes great care of the office bathroom- but sometimes, tile and grout need a bit of special attention. Tile is porous in nature, meaning, it absorbs stains quickly. However, staining, discoloration, and grime in general stand no chance against our cleaning methods! 

Dirty Desks

It’s time to disinfect! Steam cleaning is a safe, effective, and hassle-free method of sanitizing your desks and other surfaces in the office. Flu season? No worries! Your desk was recently steam cleaned.

Filthy Flooring

There’s no doubt that your carpet could benefit from a professional steam cleaning. A steam cleaner uses extreme heat, combined with extraordinary water pressure, to eliminate dust, dirt, and other debris from deep within the carpet fibers. Afterward, your carpet will be visibly clean and it’ll feel fantastic.

Contact your local steam cleaning company - like The Steam Team - for a professional office cleaning!