Is it Time for Your Hardwood Flooring to be Refinished?

Hardwood floors are specifically made and designed to last a lifetime -- literally. However, that doesn’t mean that they won’t endure a good amount of wear and tear. When it becomes noticeable is when most homeowners begin asking themselves that dreaded question; is it already time to bite that bullet? Or should you just bide your time and have your hardwood floors refinished?


A hardwood floor can be cleaned, sanded down, and refinished quite a few times before the end of its lifespan. Sometimes, single warped or otherwise damaged planks can be replaced, making it easier to avoid replacing the entire flooring. Overall, refinishing is a much easier process and is always recommended before deciding to replace those planks.


Calling a Professional


If your hardwood floors are a bit lackluster and need to be refinished, don't hesitate to call in a professional to assist you! A professional will have the exact equipment needed for the job, and years worth of experience and knowledge.


Consider hiring The Steam Team today for assistance with refinishing or replacing your hardwood flooring. Your satisfaction is our top priority; any job you place in our hands will be finished thoroughly and handled professionally. With our professional technicians, you can feel comfortable knowing you’re doing the right thing with your floors. If they really need to be replaced, we’ll let you know.


When Should Hardwood Be Replaced?


If there are planks in the flooring that move, if there are any structural issues, or simply if the flooring has seen and felt too many sheets of sandpaper… it can be time for a replacement! This is often the case with aging floors; they've been refinished so many times that, well, there isn't much left to improve!


Give us a call today if you’re less-than-impressed with the current state of your used-to-be gorgeous hardwoods. We’re always happy to help!