Water And Fire Damage Horseshoe Bay And Marble Falls Texas

You may not have known it all this time, but the sink, the dishwasher, the refrigerator, washing machine, and the rest of your appliances should always be checked regularly for leaks or malfunctioning. Not only is this just good practice in general, but if an issue is left unchecked, it could lead to worse problems: flooding, electrical problems, and mold issues! Luckily, The Steam Team is always around to help should a problem arise. But let’s take a closer look at how these “problems,” could affect you and your home!




Flooding is never a great experience. Flooding doesn’t always result from a natural disaster. As mentioned above, it can arise from a broken appliance, or a leaky or burst pipe. There are many ways it can occur, but also many ways to react to it. If you notice water damage in your home, contact the professionals immediately to ensure that everything is dried out efficiently and effectively- or risk mold growth and permanent damage to your possessions.


Mold Infestations


Ah, mold, the bane of our existence. The fungus that only requires twenty four hours to grow and spread! Mold is a common problem after flooding, as it grows in wet, humid areas. So if your appliances go kaput and water is everywhere- you can expect to have an issue with mold, as well. We don’t like it, but it’s the truth! Contact the professionals if a mold issue arises; it’s not something you want to mess with at all.


Contact the Professionals!

If you live in the Austin area and need immediate assistance with water damage, don’t hesitate to contact The Steam Team! We can extract water from your home and restore your flooring, furniture, etc to its original condition. We have many years of experience in water damage restoration and mold remediation.

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