Top 5 Reasons to Steam Clean Your Home in Leander, Texas

The Steam Team has many a time seen a homeowner in need of allergen removal, especially this time of year! It’s miserable not being able to escape the outdoor allergens. But this is only one reason as to why we think you should choose to steam clean your home, rather than use other methods of cleaning. Let’s explain four more!


Clean Without Chemicals


We know you worry about the residue left behind from commercial cleaning products. With steam cleaning, this isn’t an issue at all! The only things a professional-grade steam cleaner will use are hot water, and high water pressure. The two combined are plenty enough to exterminate dirt, dust, and other debris from your home!


Eradicate Allergens


Pollen and dust mites are two of the worst allergens that get tracked inside your home. Those little tiny bits you see floating in the air… we can get rid of those, or at least cut their population way, way down. Steam cleaning is great for eliminating allergens from the home, helping you and your family to feel healthier.


Control Pet Stains and Odors


Not only is steam cleaning great for eliminating pet odors and stains, but it also kills fleas (and eggs, and larvae…) with its intensely high temperatures.


Remove Carpet Stains… For Good!


Put away the commercial products and your scrub brush, and let the professionals do the work. The Steam Team has many years of experience in removing stains from carpet and other types of flooring; your tough stains are simply no match for our technology!


Effectively Sanitize From Floor to Ceiling

Germs don’t stand a chance against the high power and temperatures of steam cleaning. When we’re finished with our work, you’ll come home to a cleaner, healthier home, and you’ll love it!