Professionally Clean Your Home by Steam Cleaning

Here at The Steam Team, we love what we do, and we make certain to do it well. We show up at your home with expertise, experience, and professional-grade, top-of-the-line equipment! We arrive ready and willing to clean your home from floor to ceiling, and do anything else you may need. Steam Cleaning is underrated for how well it sanitizes, so we’re here to remind you just how great this process is! Voted the best cleaning company in Lakeway Texas by the Austin Monthly Magazine. 


What Can I Steam Clean?


First timers may wonder which parts of their home can be steam cleaned. Just about everything- it’s more of a question of what can’t be steam cleaned. We can sanitize your flooring: carpet, tile and grout, marble and natural stone, etc. We can sanitize your counter tops and even your children’s play areas! And to top it off, steam cleaning is safe for the environment, your kiddos, and your fur-children. This is because we clean without chemicals; when we enter your home, all we’ll be using is hot water, and high water pressure. No bleach, no residue, no harm. For expert Lakeway Carpet Cleaning call 512-451-8326.


Why is Steam Cleaning Preferred Among Homeowners?


Aside from our method being so safe for everybody around, steam cleaning is also convenient and less stressful on your body. Other methods of cleaning may leave you sore and tired the next day (or that afternoon) due to scrubbing, brushing, bending over, or dragging heavy equipment around. A professional-grade steam cleaner cleans without any of this effort, and the process is even easier if you let us do it for you! Wink wink!


Call The Steam Team if…


Give us a call anytime if you need help with any cleaning or restoration project, including but of course not limited to flood damage, fire/smoke damage, or regular cleaning projects such as tile and grout, hardwood floor refinishing, etc. We can even help rid your home of mold infestations! Just give us a call today for all your Lakeway Texas cleaning needs!