Just like carpeting, our area rugs need to be properly maintained and cared for. This means establishing a regular cleaning routine, occasionally deep cleaning your rugs, and following a few other helpful guidelines! We are the experts in Lakeway for all types of cleaning. 


Routine Rotating


Foot traffic isn’t the only cause of wear and tear on an area rug. Sunlight, also, causes the fabric to fade over time. To prevent your area rugs from fading unevenly, it’s important to rotate them on a regular basis (at least annually).


Spot-Removing Stains


If a spill occurs, do your best to clean it up immediately! The longer your rug sits with the stain, the deeper the stain embeds into its carpet fibers, and the more difficult it is to remove!


Water spills should be absorbed and dried as quickly as possible (use absorbent towels, a hairdryer, etc). Any other liquid will need to be blotted until all of the excess moisture has been removed. Afterward, you may apply salt or baking soda to the affected area. After letting this sit for a few minutes, vacuum the excess, and viola!


Deep Cleaning Methods


Master the art of routinely vacuuming and sweeping your area rugs. Occasionally, your rug may need a thorough, professional treatment. In these instances you can always call your local steam cleaning company. Companies like The Steam Team will know exactly how to handle your area rugs and will have them looking brand new without any hassle at all.


Proper Storage


Need to store your area rug for the season? No problem. Be sure to properly clean your rug before storing (by vacuuming, or hiring a professional). Remember not to fold rugs, but rather to roll them. We store rugs at our Domain location.  Please call 512-451-8326 for storage in the Lakeway, Texas area. 


For a hassle-free, professional, deep-cleaning, always keep The Steam Team in mind! The Steam Team has years of experience cleaning and caring for area rugs, oriental rugs, carpeting, upholstery… and so much more! Lakeway's answer to all your cleaning needs.