Top 3 Dangers of Smoke and Ash Damage

Thousands of homeowners face the tragedy that is a house fire. This experience is both emotional and traumatic, and oftentimes, the cleanup process is the last thing on homeowners’ minds. If you know what we’re talking about, we can’t blame you; that’s why professional cleaning and restoration companies are available to help you through the toughest of situations. On top of the trauma, fire, smoke, and ash are all dangerous to our health, homes; let’s discuss the top three dangers of smoke and ash damage, and explain how The Steam Team can help!


Your Personal Belongings


The first thing you’re going to think of are your own personal belongings. Your furniture, your photo frames, your cherished items. Smoke and ash quickly cause discoloration and unwanted odors (but The Steam Team can luckily help you restore them to their previous condition!).


Health Hazards and Dangers


Smoke has a tendency to harm people without them realizing it. Smoke inhalation is dangerous to our lungs and respiratory system, and is especially irritating for those with allergies and asthma. During the cleanup, it’s extremely important to wear protective masks to avoid smoke and soot inhalation.


The Aftermath


As if a fire isn’t devastating enough, let’s talk about the aftermath. For one, your finances certainly take a beating! But a house fire also affects our mental stability; it’s a terribly tragic experience that we wouldn’t wish on our worst enemies. The cleanup process is also tiring and stressful- that’s why we recommend hiring the professionals. They can lift the burden from your shoulders!


The Steam Team has years of experience dealing with house fires and the inevitable cleanup! Don’t hesitate to lean on us in these stressful times; we’ll get the job done quickly and thoroughly!