Office Buildings and Cleaning: We Do It All

We’ve enjoyed watching Austin grow up over the years, and even more so, serving the city! If your office is in need of a thorough cleaning, come to us, the Steam Team! We do it all- and that includes your flooring, window treatments, surfaces, and more. When we’re finished, your office will sparkle- and your clients will definitely notice. So, curious as to what a professional cleaning and restoration company can do for you? Well, you’re about to find out!


Carpet, Tile & Grout


Steam cleaning is a great option for cleaning when it comes to carpet, tile, grout, and other types of flooring! It cleans with ease. It reaches deep down into the fibers of your carpet, and pores of grout, and extracts dirt, dust, debris, and other grime! Your office won’t just be clean, it’ll feel clean.


Drapery Cleaning


Finally, no more removing your drapes and window treatments from the windows; we can clean them from right where they hang! And no, we don’t do ordinary dusting; we steam clean them until they’re as good as new!


Air Ducts


Have your allergies been acting up? It may be time to clean your air ducts. We do that, too! When we’re finished, you’ll be surprised at how clean the air is that you’re breathing, and hopefully you’ll feel a little better, too.


Leather & Upholstery Cleaning


If your sofas and chairs need to be freshened, we’re your go-to company! The cleaning crew may do a good job in your office, but they can’t touch what we can do for leather and upholstery! The Steam Team will work diligently to remove stains and odors, and freshen up your entire office.


So, if you find yourself at the end of this summer in need of a deep cleaning in your office, don’t hesitate- just give us a call. We enjoy serving you, and don’t plan on stopping any time soon!