When it comes to caring for tile flooring, typically it’s the grout that we stress over, not the tile itself! Are you tired of scrubbing away all of your strength, only to be frustrated with and disappointed in the results? The Steam Team knows firsthand the kind of struggle it can be to clean, care for, and protect grout. Let’s talk about the ways in which we can simplify this process, and protect our grout from staining, discoloration, and wear! 

Grout Sealant

So, why is it grout sealant so important? Simply put, the sealant serves as a protective layer over the grout, which ultimately keeps liquid from absorbing into the grout itself. This makes it more difficult for stains to develop and linger.

Properly Cleaning & Caring For Grout

Grout is porous in nature; this means that it easily absorbs liquid, causing it to become stained and discolored more quickly than you may expect.

Aside from layering your grout with sealant, you can also avoid permanent staining by implementing a bit of Tile TLC. Of course, this means regularly keeping up with a cleaning routine, wiping up spills immediately, and… well, let’s just say that we’re certain there will be plenty of scrubbing in your future.

However, to ease this entire process, give a steam cleaner a shot! This is a perfectly safe, chemical-free, effective method of cleaning that uses nothing but intense heat and water pressure! Steam cleaning grout makes stain removal an effortless task.

If family is coming in town for the holidays, and you’re bogged down with preparation, worry no more- The Steam Team is always available to give you a hand. With state of the art, professional equipment and years of experience with tile, grout, and all other types of flooring, we can have your home looking brand new just in time for the holidays! We also clean marble, travertine, and all types of textiles. The Steam Team is the number one choice for cleaning in Austin, Texas. Call 512-451-8326 today!