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Please review License to Carry FAQ’s to answer all questions

Next class date is January 27th at 9 AM

1.  What handgun can I use?  

                Answer:  In order to qualify for a LTC, candidates MUST perform handgun qualifications at the shooting range with a minimum caliber of .380


2.  What handgun do you recommend?

                Answer:  You can qualify with a revolver.  However, due to the firing course being timed, it is recommended that you qualify with a semi-automatic handgun. 


3.  How long is the entire course?

                Answer:  The state regulates the course requirements and the minimum requirements are 4-6 hours.


4.  What if I don’t own a firearm?

                Answer:  The shooting range that we qualify at has handguns available for rental.  The rental price is $10-$15.00.


5.  What shooting range will we be attending?

                Answer:  We will qualify at Reds Indoor Shooting Range in Pflugerville, TX.


6.  To see if you qualify for the Texas License To Carry (LTC), please review the FAQ’s on the Texas Dept. of Public Safety’s website at 


7.  How do I apply for the LTC?

                Answer:  You can apply for your LTC at


8.  I've already been fingerprinted for a state license.  Do I still need to be fingerprinted?

                Answer:  YES.  All applicants, regardless of previous fingerprints on file, MUST be fingerprinted.                  

You can schedule an appointment with the state vendor at