Water and Fire Damage in Georgetown, Texas

It’s difficult to know or decide what to do after your home has been affected by a fire. The Steam Team wholly understands this, and will help you with the cleanup, restoration, and anything else you might need. So if ever you’re faced with this type of situation, call The Steam Team right away. Our professionals will come out and get started on the restoration process. And while you wait, here’s what you can do:


Keep Clean


It’s important to keep your hands and body clean while inside the home, as to not further soil any upholstery, carpet, or woodwork. So wash up, and maybe don some scrubs, smocks, or old clothing.


Keep Calm


Stay calm, and move calmly as well. Whoever is inside the house should walk slowly, with great caution. This is not only to be safe, but also to prevent soot and debris from further polluting the air around you, and to prevent soot from embedding into carpet fibers. Keep most people out; only one or two people should be inside to help with the cleanup before the professionals arrive.


Empty Freezers and Refrigerators


If it’s not off already, turn off the electricity, and begin moving all of your perishables into coolers and ice chests. Without electricity, your food will perish quickly and you’ll want to save as much of it as is possible- especially during a time like this. When it’s all over, you’ll have worked up a mighty appetite.


The Steam Team is a team of trained professionals who have years of experience working on multiple restoration projects. House fires, flooding, drain overflow, smoke damage- we cover it all! Don’t hesitate to give us a call during a time like this. You’ll need someone out there who knows what they’re doing- and will do it correctly.