How Rug Cleaning Can Improve Your Office

You may not think that your office furniture is dirty; sure, it looks clean enough! But is “clean enough,” really the standard we’re going for here? Just because we can’t see spots and stains on our furniture doesn’t mean that it’s entirely clean, and when that furniture is in your office, well, it matters. Your clients and coworkers would greatly appreciate sitting on a clean sofa. So let’s dive right into how rug cleaning can improve the look and feel of your office! The Austin, Texas cleaning company that can handle all your cleaning needs. 


Clean Your Upholstery with Ease


Keeping your upholstered furniture clean does a lot to elongate its life span! We won’t just vacuum your sofa; we’ll steam clean it! Steam cleaning helps to uproot the dirt, dander, oils, and other substances from your sofa that are breaking down its fibers. Wouldn’t you rather clean your furniture than replace it? We would! The best rug cleaning in Austin, Texas. 


Finally, Dusty Window Blinds Meet Their Match


Window blinds seem to never  get cleaned! This is likely because it can be rather difficult, especially if you’re having to remove them. Fortunately, The Steam Team can thoroughly clean your blinds and window treatments without even removing them from where they hang. Using nothing but hot, pressurized water, we’ll eradicate the dust from those blinds in a sinch! Voted the best rug cleaning by Austin Monthly. 


Cleaning the Carpet Has Never Been Better


It’s safe to say that cleaning carpet is a speciality of ours. Steam cleaning is a gentle, yet effective way to remove those nasty particles and stains from your carpet, leaving it pristine and ready to make great first impressions with new clients! Our rug cleaning plant is located at 9901 Burnet Rd. Austin, Texas 78758. 

The Steam Team has over a decade of experience when it comes to cleaning not only offices, but homes and other spaces, too! Whether it’s carpet, upholstery, tile or grout, we can cover it all, and restore your space to its clean and pristine condition! So don’t be shy; tidy up your office with The Steam Team!