Carpet Cleaning In Cedar Park, Texas

So you thought our services were limited to your home and/or office, did you? Did you know that The Steam Team can also, with ease, access high rise condos, apartments, skyscrapers, and more? That’s right! We do our best to reach as many people in the Austin area as we possibly can, and that includes multi-level buildings. We’ve cleaned just about every tower in the city of Austin, including Four Seasons, Hilton, Ashton, and many, many more but we also clean everyday in Cedar Park, Texas.


We offer our spectacular services at 100%, which include:


Tile and Grout: Grout is porous in nature and therefore absorbs many stains and debris, and tile in general, is difficult to keep clean. Not for The Steam Team, though! A steam cleaning job done on your tile and grout will do it wonders; it’ll look brand new again!


Air Duct: We spend so much time indoors (especially at work, when we have to, right?) and sometimes the air inside isn’t as clean as we think it is. Sometimes cleaning out the air ducts can help tremendously, and that’s what we’re here for.


Natural Stone: Natural stone looks absolutely stunning in your condo or high rise office, but not when it’s stained and dirty.


Drapery and Window Treatments: Gone are the days of having your drapes dry cleaned, or taken down and washed. The Steam Team can clean your draperies while they’re still hanging in your window; a convenient cleaning job, done right.


The Steam Team offers these services and many, many more. Just give us a call for more information, a quote, or just to chat about your high rise cleaning needs! We’re available 24/7 to help you out, and once we make it up to your floor and say goodbye- you’ll be floored at the results we leave behind. Voted best cleaners in Cedar Park, Tx. If you need cleaning and you live in Cedar Park call us today at 512-451-8326.