Steam Cleaning for the Bathroom: Tackling Tile & Grout


Today on our blog we’re talking about a topic that you may not want to actually talk about -- the bathroom. Especially when it comes to cleaning, why does the bathroom always seem to be the last item on our to-do lists?


Because; who wants to clean it? It’s certainly not the easiest place to clean and it’s probably the dirtiest.


Soap scum builds around our sinks and faucets; dust, dirt, and grime build up on the flooring and in the baseboards, and the toilet remains its very own kind of filthy. If your regular cleaning routine isn’t cutting it, or you want to make sure everything is clean and pristine for company coming over, consider trying out a steam cleaner, or hiring a professional steam cleaning company, like The Steam Team!


Tile and Grout


Let’s start with the nitty-gritty; your bathroom flooring. In most homes, people choose to put tile and grout in their bathrooms because of the high content of moisture. While this is always recommended and a great choice for bathrooms, grout tends to trap any particles it can with it’s absorbency.  It’s helpful to sweep and mop on a regular basis, and steam clean when it gets real tough.


But, what about showers and tubs? Don’t those have tile and grout, too?


In many cases, your showers and tubs have tile surrounding them which, like tile flooring, are absorbing any of that dirt and grime build up. The biggest issue around showers and tubs, however, is soap scum. While you may find some impressive solutions available over-the-counter, a thorough steam cleaning job is going to be the most effective solution to ridding your tile and grout of any grime.


Sinks & Toilets


Unfavorable stains, discoloration, algae, and everyone’s favorite soap scum- none of it is any match for the high temperatures and intense pressure of a steam cleaner. We know the feeling of wiping your counter down with cleaner, but still being able to “feel,” the grime underneath. But we can assure you that this won’t be the case after you steam clean.


Steam cleaning is an efficient, environmentally safe way to tackle dirt and grime in your bathroom. If yours hasn’t been looking up-to-par lately, consider giving The Steam Team a call today!