Make Your Bathroom Sparkle with Steam Team Tile Cleaning

Bathrooms are notorious for building up soap scum, grime, dirt, and other substances we don’t like thinking about, like bacteria. They can be difficult to keep clean, especially if you have a large family- then the shower gets way more use, as does the sink, the toilet, and the floor faces more foot traffic. Voted best tile cleaners by Austin Monthly Magazine. 


The good news is that with a steam cleaner (or a professional cleaning and restoration company, like The Steam Team!), these places are easy to tackle! Let’s take a look at just how a steam cleaner can help!


Soap Scum, Grime, Etc.


Soap scum, grime, and bacteria often build up in our showers and bathtubs. It looks unsightly and kind of grosses us out! Luckily, these substances can easily be removed with a steam cleaning machine, whether rented or professional!




Yes, even your countertops can be steam cleaned! Dust and grime build up quickly on our countertops- so let’s get rid of it ASAP. Give The Steam Team a call and we’ll be out in a jiffy, ready to make your countertops shine!


TIle and Grout


Tile and grout aren’t easy to keep clean! Grout is porous in nature, so it easily absorbs dirt and grime, causing discoloration and staining. Again, unsightly. And let’s not forget to mention that scrubbing your tile and grout on your hands and knees isn’t an easy job! So let’s call the professional steam cleaning company, instead.

The Steam Team has been serving the brilliant city of Austin for over a decade now! We have plenty of expertise when it comes to steam cleaning, and we have the perfect equipment for the job, as well! So rely on us, The Steam Team, for all of your cleaning needs- not just your bathroom. But rest assured, we will make your bathroom sparkle with steam cleaning!