Spring Cleaning for Your Home and Business

Ah, it’s that time of year again; it’s time for spring cleaning! Whether you’re cleaning out your home or office, The Steam Team is here to help! That’s right; we don’t just clean homes, we clean high rise buildings as well. So let’s delve into what we should be cleaning this springtime! Here are three “hot spots,” that we’ll make sure we tackle this time around!


Air Ducts


Air ducts are our first hot spot. Springtime is the perfect time to clean your air ducts. Did you know that air ducts are notorious for capturing dirt, dust, dander, and other grime? They certainly are! This can cause irritation to those with allergies. So if you or any member of your household has allergies, you might want to start here!


Desks and Surfaces


Let’s move onto desks and surfaces in your home, or office! Germs and bacteria love to hang out on kitchen counter tops, and desks get messy from lunch disasters and general neglect (you know you can’t deny it!). But fortunately, a professional grade steam cleaner will eradicate those germs and bacteria, leaving your surfaces looking better than ever.


Carpeting and Flooring


SInce we like to work from top to bottom, carpeting and flooring come in last. A professional grade steam cleaner effortlessly lifts dirt and grime from deep within the fibers of carpet. It also cleans tile and grout, extracting grime from the pores of grout and brightening up tile! Natural stone flooring is no problem- nor is hardwood (if you need a refinishing).

The Steam Team knows what’s best! Trust in us for your cleaning and restoration needs and you won’t regret it! Again, whether the need is in your home, or your workplace, we’ve got your back! Just give us a call today, or log online to view our services