Carpet Cleaning With Pets

We all know what a struggle it can be to keep carpets clean and intact when there are pets in the house! Sometimes, even with just one pet, it can feel like an impossible situation. They track in mud, dirt, sand, and dander. They have “accidents,” that sometimes, to us, feel intentional! But don’t worry, with a few simple steps, we can remove the most common of pet stains from our carpet. Just keep reading!


Mud and Dirt Stains


To effectively remove mud stains from carpet, you have to first let the mud dry and turn into dirt! Then scrape away (or vacuum) any remaining clusters of mud, and get ready to remove the stain- for good. Try a detergent mixture, made of one teaspoon of mild dishwashing detergent and one cup of warm water. Blot the stain away with a clean white, cloth (so that you can see the stain coming off of the carpet). Remember not to scrub- as you could worsen the stained area.


Pet Urine Stains


Remove all of the urine by pressing paper towels into the affected area until your fresh paper towel comes up clean. Then, use an enzymatic cleaner on your carpet (it’s the only one that will for sure remove that urine scent!), which can be purchased at a pet store.


All of that Fur!


Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum! When your pet is shedding, you must vacuum and sweep every nook and cranny as frequently as possible. Some vacuums might not work as effectively, and it can be helpful to sweep carpets to remove all of that fur!

If you have a really tough stain, or your carpet is in need of a deep cleaning, don’t hesitate to contact The Steam Team! We have plenty of experience keeping carpets clean and presentable. Our expertise, combined with the perfect equipment, will restore your carpet to its original, sparkling condition! The Steam Team of Austin has new cleaning equipment. Call us today.