Tile and Grout Cleaning Round Rock Texas

Tile looks marvelous in our homes, and it’s beautifully accentuated by grout. However, the problem is that grout in particular is porous, meaning it easily absorbs liquids. Those inevitable spills and stains become embedded into our grout, causing discoloration that can look horrid- especially when compared to what our grout looked like when it was originally installed. The Steam Team are tile and grout cleaning experts. We have been cleaning Round Rock for over 40 years. 


But don’t fret! The Steam Team can restore your tile and grout to its original condition in a flash. In fact, we always recommend steam cleaning for tile and grout! Below, you’ll find some general information about keeping grout clean!


Grout Sealant


Unless you have epoxy-based grout, you need grout sealer. Simply put, it serves as a barrier between your grout and liquid. Don’t forget to let the sealer dry completely before using your tile and grout. For all your Round Rock cleaning needs give us a call today at 512-451-8326.


Scrubbing Tile and Grout


The most traditional method of cleaning grout is by scrubbing it. You can use chlorine bleach to clean the grout, but since it’s toxic and lets off noxious fumes, make sure your area is properly ventilated, and that you’re wearing safety glasses! Sometimes our scrub brushes cause the bleach to splash.


When scrubbing grout, it’s important to remember to not use any abrasive cleaning materials.  


Steam Cleaning Tile and Grout


Steam cleaning is your all around best method for cleaning tile and grout! A professional-grade steam cleaning machine effortlessly reaches into the pores of grout and extracts dirt, grime, and stains. Rely on the professionals for this task; they’re your best bet!

The Steam Team has been serving the Round Rock Texas community for over a decade now, and we’re not going to quit any time soon! If you need help with keeping your tile and grout clean, don’t hesitate to rely on us! We’ll have your tile and grout looking bright and shiny in no time!