Window Draperies and Cleaning Tips

We know that your draperies are delicate and this can cause you to neglect them on cleaning day. But the cleaning process for draperies isn’t as complicated, or dangerous, as one might think! In fact, oftentimes your drapes can be steam cleaned without being removed from where they hang, making the process simple and quick! Let The Steam Team show you how to care for your window draperies!


Drapery Cleaning Without Removal


As we mentioned before, we can clean your drapes without even removing them. The process is just as effective- we promise. Basically, we’ll use a low moisture, hot water extraction method, or a dry cleaning method to safely remove dust, dander, dirt and other particles from your draperies. They’ll be clean as a whistle afterward! And there’s no need to worry about drying; so little moisture is used, they’ll dry quickly!


How to Care for Your Drapes


Here are a few tips for caring for your draperies:


Rotate Your Drapes


Sunlight causes fading and discoloration. Make sure you’re rotating your drapes every once in a while, so they wear evenly.


Protect Them From Moisture


Next, protect your drapes from moisture. This means watching out for leaky windows and condensation! Don’t forget to call in the pro’s for an occasional treatment.


Follow Washing Instructions


If you have to remove your drapes and wash them in the washing machine, it’s best to know the settings required, or if they can be machine-washed at all. Read the instructions on the washing label, and follow them carefully!


For professional help, you can always rely on The Steam Team! We’re a team of trained professionals who can easily and effectively clean your drapes and window treatments- as well as other areas, such as your living room (carpet), or your kitchen (tile and grout). Just give us a call today! You’ll be blown away by our results!