Prepping Your Concrete Patios For Summertime

When summertime approaches, you might be going out to buy a bathing suit and some sunscreen so that you’re ready to look good and face the heat. But your body isn't the only thing you need to be decorating and protecting from the sun’s rays. Staining your concrete is a great way to add some flavor to your patio, and a proper sealer is essential to the integrity of your concrete.


Preparing The Surface


The first step, as with most staining and/or sealing projects, is to make sure the surface is completely cleaned. Any dirt, residue or stains left on the concrete will show through the finished patio. You’ll need to use a heavy duty cleaner and scrub every inch of the patio. You may need to use a pressure washer and a degreaser as well.


Applying Concrete Stain


First, choose a stain of your choice. You can even mix-match colors if you want to. When applying the stain, you don’t want to apply it in direct sunlight. Instead, wait for a time of the day when the patio is shaded. Once this is done, follow these steps:


  • Mask off the area to protect any walls, door frames, or any landscaping around the patio.

  • Dilute the stain with water. (See manufacturer's recommendations)

  • Spray on the first coat of the stain.

  • Let the newly applied stain dry. Total cure time is 24 hours.

  • Apply a second coat if more color is desired.


Sealing The Deal


For this step, you will once again need to wait for the patio to be shaded, as the sunlight can cause the sealer to not be as effective. First, apply your high-gloss sealer along the edges of the patio with a small brush. Then you can begin to use a roller to apply the sealer to the rest of the patio. After the first coat of sealer has dried for about two hours, apply a second coat. When you’re finished, your concrete patio will look colorful, clean, and sleek as ever. Remember, concrete patios need to be sealed every three to four years for proper protection!


Professional Services

DIY staining and sealing can be a big job. Luckily, The Steam Team professionals pride themselves on their ability to give your concrete patios a brand new look. Don’t hesitate to call!