How to Help Upholstery Furniture Last Longer

Upholstery Cleaning Austin

Upholstery Cleaning Austin

Upholstery furniture is already known for its longevity- that’s one reason why we love having it in our living rooms! It looks beautiful, sustains wear and tear like a champ, and lasts longer than other materials. But with a few simple tips and tricks you can help it last even longer. All you need is a little consistency, the right cleaning formulas, and some well-practiced routines! And as always, The Steam Team is here to help! Furniture cleaning experts!


Thorough Cleaning on a Routine Basis


That upholstery attachment on your vacuum cleaner has never come more in handy! Use it to clean the nooks and crannies of your couches and sofas, and remove tons of dust, debris, dander, spilled cheerios- you name it. You can also dry dust with a soft, clean microfiber cloth. Your guests will be pleasantly surprised at the clean and pristine state of your furniture!


Proper Conditioning with Proper Supplies


When it comes to cleaning and conditioning your furniture, we suggest avoiding DIY techniques. Leave the olive oil, essential oils, and mayonnaise for your dinners and diffusers! Make sure you’re using either a formula specifically made for upholstered material, or another mild option: distilled water and a clean cloth.


Letting the Professionals Step in

Ah, the good ‘ol “Let us take care of it.” It’s true, it’s far easier and convenient to let the professionals come in and take care of your upholstery for you. This way, you avoid further damaging that precious ottoman of yours, or ruining your favorite reading chair! Professional companies like The Steam Team know exactly how to treat your furniture, and will treat it as if it were their very own. So don’t be afraid to put your trust in The Steam Team; not only are we properly experienced, but we’re experts! We know what we’re doing! We clean all types of textiles and furniture.