3 Dusty Places to Take Care of this Spring

Are you spring cleaning this year? We hope so! Not just because it’s a good practice in general, but because The Steam Team can help you out! Whether you’re looking to have your air ducts professionally cleaned, or your floors steam cleaned, we’re here for you. We can cover almost anything with our professional-grade steam cleaner!


Air Ducts


Air ducts are notorious for hoarding dust, dirt, dander, and other allergens. If you’re having trouble with your allergies this season (even indoors), then it may be time to check out your air ducts and have them professionally cleaned. You won’t regret it! And how often do you need to do this, anyway? Let’s just get it over with.


Underneath Furniture


When was the last time you moved your couch and checked underneath for dust, dirt, and pet hair? It’s probably safe to say that this doesn’t happen very often. It may be a pain to physically move your furniture around to make sure everything is cleaned thoroughly, but we promise: the results are well worth the effort.


Ceiling Fans


Try this: turn off your ceiling fan (because we know it runs almost constantly). Now, what do you see? Dust? More dust? So much dust you forgot what color the blades were? That’s okay. Ceiling fan blades can be steam cleaned! So after you’ve dusted, give The Steam Team a call; we’ll be able to reach those tight spots and give your fan the thorough clean that it deserves.

And there you have it, friends! Now, don’t forget: there are plenty of other dusty areas around your home or office, so don’t neglect those! And also don’t hesitate to call in The Steam Team, no matter what you need done around your home. We’re not just here for spring cleaning! We can help with cleanup and restoration, too!

How To Keep Carpet Consistently Clean

Maid Service 

Maid Service 

Carpet can be difficult to keep clean, especially when you have a lot going on in your home! Foot traffic, pets, children, messy shoes, and spills all contribute to carpet uncleanliness- but we can help you restore your carpet to its original condition! Just give The Steam Team a call today, and we’ll come out, inspect your carpeting, and give it a good ‘ol deep cleaning! Until then, read these tips on keeping your carpets consistently clean:


Vacuum on a Consistent Basis


Vacuuming and sweeping are the best things you can do for your carpet! Your vacuum should be able to pick up most of the dust, dirt, dander, and other unsightly substances hidden in your carpet. You can also use the attachments to clean baseboards, where dust likes to collect, and when it comes to cleaning up spills and stains- remember to blot the stain, don’t rub it deeper into the carpet!


Set Good Practices in Place


Set good practices in place, like removing your shoes at the entrance to your home (and the same goes for other family members, too!). You can also set doormats at the entrances so they can collect dirt as you come in from outside. This prevents the dirt from tracking onto your carpet. Keep food and drinks in the kitchen, away from carpeting. Doing so will prevent dozens of spills and stains!


Call the Pro’s

Sometimes a stain is just too tough for store bought cleaners and rented machinery. Don’t hesitate to give the professionals a call! The Steam Team will happily restore your carpet to its original condition! Visit our website today to find all of our services; our team of experts has all of the right equipment and expertise to help you out!

5 Reasons to Clean Your Area Rugs By The Steam Team Austin

home cleaning

home cleaning

Steam cleaning, in the long run, is the most simple, cost-effective, and helpful option for cleaning your home. Once we explain how and why this is, you’ll definitely understand! That’s why we’ve laid out five reasons as to why you should steam clean your home today! Go on, keep reading…


A New Level of Clean


Remember all of those times you cleaned the kitchen, only to have it feel dirty? Sometimes a mop and broom just aren’t enough. When it comes to steam cleaning, however, you’ll know your home is clean- that pressurized water and high heat make it difficult for anything to stand in its way!


Kills Dust Mites, Germs, & Bacteria


Using nothing but hot water and high water pressure, steam cleaning kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria. It also destroys dust mites that are hidden in the carpet, and in all of those nooks and crannies you’ve been neglecting! It even works on upholstery and fabric furniture!


Eases Allergies by Eradicating Allergens


Steam cleaning helps to rid your home of allergens, so if you or someone in your household has allergies, they’ll be feeling grateful after a good old fashioned steam cleaning.


Cleans Without the Use of Chemicals


Hot water, and high pressure. That’s it, friends! Expect there to be absolutely no residue left behind, and no evidence of chemicals.


Saves Money on Cleaning Supplies


Since a steam cleaning machine does the job without the use of chemicals, you won’t need to buy (or mix) any cleaning solutions! This will save you tons of money in the long run if you just keep at it!


So you see, we (The Steam Team) truly believe that steam cleaning is the way to go when it comes to cleaning your home! For a deep cleaning that you can trust, call The Steam Team today- you won’t regret it.