Making Your Marble Shine with Cleaning

Unlike carpet, hardwood, and other materials that become dirty more easily, marble flooring stays cleaner. This makes it a great alternative to other types of flooring! But of course, it receives just as much foot traffic as any other floor, and thus needs to be cleaned on the regular… and steam cleaned periodically. That’s right, you can steam clean marble and natural stone! Here’s how to keep your marble floor looking great:


Sweeping and Dusting


Let’s start by establishing a regular cleaning routine for your marble floors. Dry dusting and sweeping frequently are of key importance! This way, you’ll be picking up dust, dirt, dander, and other debris that are lurking in the corners of your kitchen.


Use Marble-Approved Cleaning Formulas


It’s important to use cleaning formulas that are meant to be used on marble flooring! This prevents any accidents that may happen. Commercial stone cleaners work just fine, and they make the process much easier. Simply find one that’s meant for marble, and you’re good to go! You could also try marble sealants and polishes to really bring out its shine!


Catch Stains When They Happen


As always, wipe up spills immediately once they occur. This does wonders to prevent staining! Work as quickly as possible (but be thorough) at removing the stain. Again, using a concoction that’s meant for marble!


Contact The Steam Team


With over a decade of experience and expertise, The Steam Team is your number one choice of professionals for marble cleaning and polishing! You can count on us; we know exactly what we’re doing, and what’s more important- we’re here to help you! You can trust that we’ll get the job done without damaging your floor, countertops, and other surfaces. Our customers are our top priority, so rest assured- your marble floors will look great after we’ve cleaned and restored them!