The ABC's of Caring for Marble Tile Around Your House in Austin, Texas

Marble & Ceramic Tile Cleaning 

Marble & Ceramic Tile Cleaning 

Marble is a beautiful material that is millions of years old, and used to create gorgeous kitchen flooring, bathroom tiles, shower tiles, and more. The important thing when it comes to installing marble in your home is the upkeep. Below, we’ll briefly discuss the “ABC’s,” of caring for marble just to give you a simple background and help you keep your marble flooring and tiles looking marvelous. We are the professionals to call for all types of tile cleaning in Austin, Tx.


So here’s what you need to know:


  1. Use Products Designed for Marble


Many times we’ve warned our clients about the dangers of using cleaning solutions that aren’t meant for the materials needing to be sanitized. By using the proper cleaning solution (or by calling in The Steam Team…), you can avoid etching and dulling your marble surfaces/floorings.


B) Clean Spills Immediately


This one is a no brainer, but it’s incredibly difficult to follow through! Still, we must do our best. Marble is a porous surface, so if stains are left too long before cleaned, they can sink into the surface and cause more permanent damage. In the kitchen, watch out for acids that spew from fruits, juices, or even coffee. Use coasters on your countertops or kitchen islands to avoid stains and obnoxious rings.


C) Protect Your Marble


In the living room, or kitchen/dining areas, it’s best to protect your marble flooring by using area rugs and runners. This can be especially helpful in high-traffic areas, where the flooring endures the most wear and tear. If your rugs are having difficulty staying in place, gripper mats can be found almost anywhere- department stores, grocery stores, etc.

Above all, contact The Steam Team to learn more about properly caring for your marble, or for a professional cleaning. You can trust that we’ll work diligently to restore your marble flooring, tile, countertops, etc, and keep them looking as they should: flawless. We clean all types of tile including ceramic, travertine and many others. 

Keep Your Hardwood Floors Looking Brand New!

The Steam Team

The Steam Team

Hardwood floors look magnificent in our homes, especially when they’re brand new, or at least freshly refinished. But we can definitely achieve comparable results with a bit of elbow grease, and a consistent cleaning routine!


Sponging Every Spill


Messes cannot be avoided altogether; they’re inevitable. But what we can do to help our hardwood flooring is clean up spills as soon as we find them! After all, whatever has tumbled onto the hardwood flooring will definitely stay there until it’s picked up- so do it now! Don’t put it off.


Destroying Dust Mites


A major disadvantage to having hardwood floors is, well, dust. It’s visible against the hardwood, everywhere, and seemingly impossible to conquer. To keep a decent handle on dust, invest in a dry dusting mop! Dust mops are incredibly easy to use, and they can easily reach underneath furniture and in between tight spaces.


Vacuuming With a Vengeance


Yes, you can vacuum hardwood floors. So if your floors or overdue for a dust mopping, but you’re short on time, just use a vacuum cleaner! Vacuuming is a major time saver. Just be sure to empty the filter frequently to avoid clogs.


Alternatively, if you don’t own a vacuum, you can use a soft bristled broom.


Last But Not Least...


A routine mopping does a hardwood floor a whole lot of good! With your choice of mop and a cleaning solution specially formulated for hardwood flooring, carefully mop over the grain of the wood. If you begin from the farthest corner, and work toward the door, you won’t have to worry about leaving footprints behind!


If your home is in need of a deep cleaning, or your hardwood floors need refinishing or replacing, don’t hesitate to call in The Steam Team! The Steam Team is made of trusted professionals who’ve accumulated years of experience in a variety of cleaning and restoration projects. The Steam Team is precisely what you're looking for!