Pop Quiz! Testing Your Knowledge of Tile Cleaning

How much do you know about tile care? Do you have questions, such as what materials you should use to clean tile, which chemicals aren’t safe, etc? Well, don’t fret! We’re here to answer them. Today we’ll brush up on tile basics, and explain how The Steam Team can help care for your tile- whether it be in your home, or office. Voted the best tile cleaning professionals in Austin, Texas located at 9901 Burnet Road. 


What Should I NOT Do To Tile?


When cleaning tile and grout, it’s best not to use abrasive materials. You could end up permanently scratching your tile and we don’t want that! It’s also wise to clean spills and stains immediately, instead of letting them sit and linger. And don’t forget to sweep and mop frequently to keep up with dirt, dust, stains, and the like.


Why Does Grout Stain So Easily?


Grout is porous in nature, meaning- it absorbs spills and stains easily. This causes discoloration or the buildup of mold and mildew. Most people take to scrubbing their grout, and this is an effective method- although tiring. You can use a mild detergent or warm water to wipe your tile and grout clean.


What is the Most Efficient Way to Clean Tile?


To more efficiently and effectively clean tile and grout, we always recommend steam cleaning! A steam cleaning machine can reach deep down into the pores of tile and grout and extract dirt, dust, and debris, leaving it clean as a whistle! For more information on steam cleaning tile, visit our website!

The Steam Team has been serving the city of Austin for over a decade- and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon! If your home or office needs a good old fashioned deep cleaning, we’re here to help! We have all of the equipment and expertise needed for any cleaning and restoration job; you can count on that!