Commercial Cleaning in the Summer: 5 Tips to Keep Your Office Clean

High Rise Cleaning Austin

High Rise Cleaning Austin

Now that summer’s arrived, you may be lacking motivation when it comes to cleaning your office. We get it; the heat gets to everyone! But as always, we’re here to help; below are five tips for tidying up your office and keeping it that way, all summer long! Check out our specials on our website. 


Keep Your Desk Tidy


Keeping your desk clean and orderly bodes well for first impressions by customers. While it’s tempting to eat your lunch at your desk and keep working, we encourage you not to! This makes your desk messy much quicker, and you risk spilling food onto the floor.


Clean Behind Office Furniture


Maybe you have upholstered chairs or couches in your office, and maybe there are too many dust bunnies lurking behind them! These are the places that are most easily forgotten about, and thus cleaned the least. Grab a vacuum or broom and clean out the dust behind your office furniture!


Reorganize Old Files and Paperwork


Most of your documents may be stored electronically, but this has its downsides, so you’re bound to have loose paper lying around somewhere. Keep it organized! Separate files and paperwork into file cabinets and containers. Your office will look so much less cluttered at the end!


Dust Bookshelves and Desks


Grab a dust cloth or some furniture polish and go to town! Removing dust and grime from the surfaces in your office will increase air quality and make things look much neater. It’s tedious, but you won’t regret your hard work in the end.


Take Care of Your Carpet


Your office carpet endures a ton of daily foot traffic, and who knows what else! It’s wise to have it cleaned periodically by the professionals- like The Steam Team! The Steam Team is highly experienced in commercial cleaning, and can restore your carpeting to its best condition. Just give us a call today! Call or visit us at 9901 Burnet Rd. Austin, Texas 78758 today.