3 Ways to Prevent Shoes From Damaging Your Flooring

Are your shoes damaging your beautiful flooring? Probably! Those hard soles just can’t help it. But fortunately, there are several things we can do to prevent wear and tear on our flooring- especially from our shoes. Below are three simple things you can do! Good luck!


Lay Area Rugs Around the Home


Place area rugs around your home to protect your flooring. They can also be a great way to accessorize a room and make it complete! Just make sure you occasionally shake the dust and dirt out of your rugs, and vacuum at least once a week. Remember: just because you can’t see the dirt, doesn’t mean it’s not there!


Remove Shoes at the Door


Here’s a secret: set a basket at the entrance to your home, dedicated to shoes. Have everyone remove their shoes before entering your home. This way, dirt and dust doesn’t even have the opportunity to come in contact with your flooring! You’ve stopped it right in its tracks. There’s really no reason to wear shoes on carpeting or even hardwood and tile flooring. Taking them off does wonders to protect your flooring.


Place Door Mats at Entrances


If you place a doormat at all of the entrances to your home, you’ll also be preventing dirt and debris from entering the house. You can find fancy ones, too, that decorate the room! But the main purpose is to protect your flooring from what’s being tracked in from your shoes! This is a great way to do so!

If your flooring is damaged from your shoes, or any other reason and needs replacing, contact The Steam Team right away! We have years of experience replacing flooring- as well as deep cleaning! We can also handle a simple (yet thorough) cleaning; just let us know what you need, and we’ll make it happen!